The Packening, Part 2
The Movening, Part 2

The Movening

Achievement Unlocked: We moved.

And quite successfully, if you ask me.

Of course, we didn't completely finish packing up, but we packed enough and labeled enough and stacked enough boxes that one of the movers made a point of thanking us for the great job. The other guys on the crew added to that, even chuckling over some of the labels we put on the boxes; for example, "Bobbleheads and Joe's socks" or "THE Clock." Hey, socks make great padding!

The men disassembled the beds, padded and wrapped my Gramma's corner cupboard, secured drawers with huge rubber banks, and wrapped up all the furniture with big pads and cling wrap. 

We made them take a lunch break. I ran up to WaWa for hoagies (after all, Hoagie Fest is here) and we yakked about Philly and the best cheesesteaks (Dalessandro's, NOT Pat's OR Geno's) and families and music and then we all got right back to work.

They were done by 3:00. We'd arranged for the loading to be done on Friday and the unloading on Saturday, so Joe and I took off for the local Tru by Hilton (very hipster-y) for the night. I recommend this approach - it's much less stressful!

Yeah, we left a lotta stuff. But we had another whole week to deal with it, which was another stress reducer.

Stay tuned for Part 2.