The Movening
The Movening, Part 3

The Movening, Part 2

We were able to access our new place early! The rental office emailed us instructions on how to get the proper building and apartment codes, so we were able to get in right after breakfast on Saturday morning, well before the movers arrived with our stuff.

The rental company provided a whole slew of thoughtful touches for us, such as:

  • A folder with community info, instructions, and a welcome note
  • A tote bag
  • Parking stickers and pool wristbands
  • Bottles of water in the fridge
  • TP already installed in the bathrooms
  • A wee bottle of dish detergent and a small box of laundry detergent
  • Hand soap and towels in the bathrooms
  • A tiny rubber ducky!

The movers arrived right on time and commenced the moving-in process. I'm really glad we had a chance to scope the place out, because we were able to tell the movers where to put stuff. Alas, we couldn't really place the furniture exactly where we wanted it because we were expecting rugs to be delivered, so we put the it all in the approximate locations so we wouldn't have to move everything around. The men set up the beds and unwrapped the corner cupboard and arranged the thousands of boxes in the right rooms. 

On Sunday Elvis the Cable Guy got us all set up with internet and TV, thanks to us finding the power cord for the big TV in the nick of time. However, I couldn't find the power cord to the tiny TV for the bedroom, but Elvis (Really! His name is Elvis! Elvis is everywhere!) set up the box and we should be good to go once I find the damn power cord.

On Monday the living "room" rug arrived! It's this one, from Ruggable, and it's perfect. It's 8 feet by 10 feet - just the right size for the space. When Joe went out for a bit, I arranged the furniture. (Pro tip: Sliders.) It's different from what we'd planned on paper, but it works better.

On Tuesday, the dining "room" rug arrived! It's this one, also from Ruggable, and it's also perfect! It's 8 feet round and defines the dining area perfectly. our round table fits right in the center. (Not only that, there's plenty of room for the bookcases we bought - but that's a different story.)

As the week progressed, things got unpacked and put away. There were trips to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Container Store. There was sweat, and barfing cats, and exploring the complex.

More to come in Part 3!