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The Movening, Part 2

We were able to access our new place early! The rental office emailed us instructions on how to get the proper building and apartment codes, so we were able to get in right after breakfast on Saturday morning, well before the movers arrived with our stuff. The rental company provided a whole slew of thoughtful touches for us, such as: A folder with community info, instructions, and a welcome note A tote bag Parking stickers... Read more →

The Movening

Achievement Unlocked: We moved. And quite successfully, if you ask me. Of course, we didn't completely finish packing up, but we packed enough and labeled enough and stacked enough boxes that one of the movers made a point of thanking us for the great job. The other guys on the crew added to that, even chuckling over some of the labels we put on the boxes; for example, "Bobbleheads and Joe's socks" or "THE Clock."... Read more →