Life, the Universe, and Everything: The Anniversary
The Movening

The Packening, Part 2


Well, we have less than a week to go before moving day! We have made significant progress, but there's still a shit ton to do. Boxes are piling up all over the apartment. Family photos and albums? Packed. All of the hanging-up clothes? Packed. (Whoever invented wardrobe boxes should have a fast pass to eternal glory.) The good china, crystal, and delicate heirlooms from Gramma's corner cupboard? Packed. All of our Caps stuff? Packed. Most of cookware, all of my sweaters, all of my shoes and boots (excepts for one pair of slippers and one pair of everyday shoes), and most of the office? Packed. AND MY PENS. PACKED.

The walls are practically bare - only the biggest pieces are still hanging. The movers are bringing special are boxes for them. We have one box labeled "Open Me First" with important stuff that we'll need right away - two rolls of toilet paper, a set of sheets, COFFEE. We'll add to it this week.

I found our old iPhone 7s, an iPhone 4, and - get this - a Palm Pre. Hah! I'll wipe the iPhones (assuming they charge up; the Pre won't) and ditch the lot. I've been fairly ruthless about purging other stuff - old software CDs and other such nonsense, clothes I haven't worn since we moved up here, about 50 pen boxes, and more.

Whew. The homestretch is ahead. I'm cautiously optimistic.