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Life, the Universe, and Everything: The Anniversary

When we decided to move - way, way back in April - we also decided to forego a big old expensive trip to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. Instead, we opted for a big old expensive dinner at the local Capital Grille.

It was so good. So good. Also? So good. (Bah, Bah, Bah!! (IYKYK))

The staff scattered heart-shaped confetti and rose petals (real ones!) on the table, and left a nice Happy Anniversary card too. Everyone wished us well. Our server was wonderful. She brought us a slice of flourless chocolate cake as an anniversary present, which blunted the impact of the check.

Finally, she took this lovely picture of us as a souvenir.


Our first dinner together as a married couple was at Tio Gringo's in Ocean City. We didn't have reservations or anything like that; we simply got in the car and inched down Coastal Highway. And I do mean "inched" - it was Saturday evening in late June in Ocean City, after all.

One car full of teenage revelers yelled their congratulations to us - the decorations on Pop's Impala revealed our good news. We yelled our thanks, and one fella yelled back "Did you just graduate too?"

Hahaha! Nope, that happened ten years earlier.

Inch, inch, inch ... then Joe saw Tio Gringo's (I think it was new that summer), jerked the wheel hard to the right, and said, "Here we are!"

We sat at the bar and some great Mexican food and even better margaritas, the prelude to a wonderful wedding night.

For the next few years, we always went down to OC for our anniversary, and we always had dinner at Tio Gringo's. Alas, as beach restaurants are wont to do, Tio's closed.

The Capital Grille is a most worthy successor.