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Life, the Universe, and Everything: The Anniversary

When we decided to move - way, way back in April - we also decided to forego a big old expensive trip to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. Instead, we opted for a big old expensive dinner at the local Capital Grille. It was so good. So good. Also? So good. (Bah, Bah, Bah!! (IYKYK)) The staff scattered heart-shaped confetti and rose petals (real ones!) on the table, and left a nice Happy Anniversary card... Read more →

Two Things That Illustrate How My Mind Works

The following two things happened to me today. They both occurred within 10 minutes. I might have been hungry; I don't know. Anyway. First, I read a company announcement about the special COVID-19 absentee policy on the HR site. I was reading along when this parenthetical phrase hit me: (for example, an employee that has been instructed to stay home at the explicit direction of their medical provider because the employee has a history of... Read more →