It’s a Moving Story
Two Things That Illustrate How My Mind Works

The Packening

Not wanting to leave things to the last minute, we have started packing for our move. The move that takes place on August 6. Hey, no time like the present! After all, we are old and doing a whirlwind pack-a-thon a day or two ahead of the move is, shall we say, impractical.

So anyway, Joe gets the Uline catalog. He opened it up last week and, in a burst of synchronicity, it opened right to the page showing moving kits. MOVING. KITS. The Small Home Kit comprises 25 small boxes, 20 medium boxes, 15 large boxes, 6 rolls of tape, a tape gun, a roll of bubble wrap, 800 sheets of newsprint, a knife, and a marker. We added 5 wardrobe boxes and 5 dish pack boxes. Everything but the wardrobe boxes was delivered the next day; the wardrobe boxes arrived today. Sure beats driving up to the storage joint and buying boxes and bubble wrap every day for a week! Will it be enough? God, I hope so!

So with all those boxes lying around, why not get started?

Okay then. Books. SO MANY BOOKS! We culled and we packed, and finished up the big ass bookcase in the hall and the medium size bookcase in the bedroom, for a total of 13 boxes. We still have three smaller bookcases to go and a bunch of books to purge. Does anyone want a set of the World's Greatest Literature? (No, you do not; honestly, you DO NOT.) Or encyclopedia yearbooks from 1990 to 2003? (Again, no, you do not.)

After we emptied the bookcase, Joe broke it down and ditched it in the dumpster. It's a 30-year old Ikea basic bookcase. We plan to replace it with a new, better Ikea bookcase.

Today Joe got started on the media. And by media, I mean the 50+ VHS tapes, all of which went directly into the dumpster. I mean, even if anyone had a VHS VCR, these tapes are more than likely stretched out or brittle or otherwise unplayable. We did sort of shed a tear for a few of our favorites, but took comfort in the fact that we have DVDs aplenty. Joe got one box of said DVDs packed.

Only a shit ton of stuff remaining, but I think we can do it.

Fingers crossed.