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Totally Random

Quite a while ago, the lovely and talented Bev tagged me on Facebook with the "List 25 Random Things about Yourself and Tag Another 25 People" meme. Of course it sailed right past me, but then my mind stopped short and said, "Wait a sec. Didn't Bev tag you to do something or other?" So I looked it up and sure enough, I was tagged.

Now I'm a spoilsport who never tags anyone else, and I'm not about to start now, so I decided to do the thing, but to do it here, where I can count it as a blog post! But, hey, if you would like to post 25 random things, go for it!

Without further ado, here's the Random List.

  1. I'm a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce.
  2. I'm learning how to draw different types of Celtic knots. 
  3. So far my favorite is one called Linked Hearts.
  4. Some of you folks might be getting a Celtic knot in the mail someday soon.
  5. I have various inspirational things on my desk, but my favorite is my Lewis Black bobblehead.
  6. Yeah, I do Wordle.
  7. I start with a different word each day, but all my start words have at least two vowels.
  8. I use the "fill in the rows with the letters you get right" method.
  9. I generally get the word in four tries.
  10. I also like Spelling Bee.
  11. I will use the hints, but I try to wait until I hit the "Amazing" level.
  12. I also do the NYT mini-crossword and regular crossword puzzles.
  13. I do the crosswords online because we stopped our print subscription.
  14. We stopped our print subscription because it rarely got delivered.
  15. I do like doing crosswords on paper, though. With a pen.
  16. When I do a paper crossword, I fill it in by section, starting with the top left corner.
  17. When I do an online crossword, I do all the Acrosses first, then the Downs. 
  18. When I get stumped, I look up the answer.
  19. I broke my leg when I was 18 months old. I don't remember it at all.
  20. My first memory is of Ocean City.
  21. I still have a tunic that I bought when I was in college, 50 years ago. Vintage!
  22. Does anyone want some stick-on letters? I have a shitload of them from my scrapbook cult days - large, small, serif, sans-serif, lots of different colors.
  23. I stayed up late to watch Nathan Chen win the gold medal in Men's Figure Skating.
  24. I was very nervous! But he was wonderful.
  25. I took ice skating lessons about 30 years ago, but never got past the Alpha class. 

And that, as they say, is that!