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Totally Random

The 70-Year Challenge

So, that 10-year challenge that's been going around Facebook recently? Well, may I present:

The 70-Year Challenge!


Yes, I turned 70 years old (and I do mean old) at 3:16 AM today.

I think I look pretty much the same, don't you?

Well, I do have more teeth, and my hair is darker and longer, and I'm quite a bit taller; but my forehead still goes on for miles, and my eyes still get squinty when I smile, and my cheeks are still apple-y.

I used to worry about being "age appropriate." I mean, when I was 13, I wouldn't read 17 Magazine because I thought you had to be 17 to read it! Now that I'm old, I see stuff online about "These hairstyles make you look 10 years older" and "Avoid these clothes if you're over 50" and such. Do I pay attention to this nonsense?

Nope nope nope. The joy of being this old is that I do not have to care. I'll wear what I want. Leggings and tunics? Comfy! Fleece-lined shoes that look like boats? Absolutely! No bra? Well, not at home, anyway. And mostly not anywhere else anymore. (As my pal Bob Kratky said, "Welcome back to the 70s!")

But I do have some... other stuff.

I do not like my eye bags and my neck is saggy and my arms wobbles are wobbly. I use expensive eye and face stuff to keep my skin dewy and smooth. I am stupidly proud that my hair is still almost all brown with only a few silver streaky bits.

I have medical crap to keep track of - diabetes, osteopenia, high blood pressure, lurking cancer (over three years in remission!); but hey, I also have the will and the drugs to deal with it properly.

But you know what? I also have good work, a wonderful family, fabulous friends, and all of that makes 70 a very good birthday indeed.