Candle Light

Winter Spice

For Day 6 of Inkvent we have Winter Spice, a shimmer and sheen ink. The base brown is quite nice. It has a beautiful green sheen and blue shimmer; alas, you can't really see the shimmer very well. It's definitely there though!

Day 6: Winter Spice

When I think of winter spice, I think of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves - the spices that I use to make our family pumpkin pie. They're all nice, warm spices, for sure.

One time Joe and I took a Sunday drive one winter day and found ourselves in Gettysburg. We stopped in the town center and went to a nice pub for lunch. I noticed they had hot apple cider; I immediately ordered some. As the bartender got out a mug for my drink, he asked, "Would you like a little Captain in that?" And I answered, also immediately, "Why yes! Yes I would." A cinnamon stick added a bit of winter spice and pretty much made it perfect.