Night Shade

Vintage Copper

Ah, a beautiful Shimmer ink for Day 16 of Inkvent: Vintage Copper!

Day 16: Vintage Copper

Is it Red Robin with glitter? Well, maybe, but oh, that shimmer sets it apart for sure. 

So Shimmery!

Speaking of copper, my Mom owned a set a copper-bottom Revere Ware pots and pans. Every time she used one of the pieces, which was pretty much every single day, she polished the copper bottom until it glowed. Patina didn’t have a chance. That copper looked like new for, oh, fifty years at least.

If I did the dishes, I had to polish the copper. Anyone who did the dishes had to polish the copper. The copper must be polished; the must be no skippage of the polishing. Any sign of actual use must be ruthlessly removed.

To this day, if I see unshiny, unpolished copper-bottom pots and pans, I start to twitch with the urge to grab a sponge and the copper polish and get busy.