Vintage Copper


There’s always a place for a classic blue like Thunderbolt, today’s Standard Inkvent ink.

Day 17: Thunderbolt

This ink is a vibrant cobalt blue that takes me back to grade school, where we were required to use Sheaffer fountain pens with Sheaffer ink cartridges in blue or black. 

Speaking of blue, meet Marvin, my little blue teddy bear. He’s faded now, almost gray, but originally he was a beautiful sky blue. 


To be fair, Marvin is 63 years old. I got him when I was six - maybe seven or even eight. My little sister and I were with Mom at Woodward and Lothrop, the flagship DC department store. I remember seeing the display of teddies, all piled up on a table, blue ones and pink ones, begging to be adopted.

My sister chose a pink one and promptly named him Pinky. I chose a blue one and named him Bluey. A few years later I renamed him Marvin, after Marvin the Martian.

Marvin’s had a few surgeries over the years, palm and sole replacements, re-stuffings and minor stitch-ups. But he’s always been with me and always will.