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Stargazer is the Shimmer and Sheen ink for Day 12 of Inkvent.

Day 12: Stargazer

Pretty cool! The swatch started out as a deep navy blue, then it developed a dark red sheen and blue-ish shimmer. Before I got into pens and ink, I never realized that inks could do this sort of thing. Amazing.

Anyway, speaking of stars, I took a course in college called Cosmic Evolution. It was kind of like Astronomy for Dummies. I had to satisfy a science requirement, this course was listed as suitable for non-science majors, and I could take it pass/fail. Not only that, it sounded especially interesting given my hippie chick sensibilities.

It was a lot more complex than I thought it would be. The prof talked about space and stars and parsecs (a measure of distance, not time - at least something stuck!), but he also talked about subatomic particles like quarks and muons. I even had to do a short paper on quarks. I remember nothing about it.

I did not go to many lectures; they interfered with my weed consumption. That's probably why I had an extremely vivid dream shortly before the final exam. It was the archetypal "taking the final and realizing you don't know anything on the test" dream, but it totally worked. I studied like mad for the next three days and man, was I ever glad I did.

I passed. Whew.