Ruby Blues
Night Shade

Red Robin

Today’s Inkvent offering is Red Robin, a Standard ink that is kinda red, kinda orange, just like a robin’s red breast.

Day 14: Red Robin

Speaking of oranges, I drank a glass of orange juice every day for breakfast when I was a kid. Or rather, every day that I lived with my parents - my age didn't matter. Mom made sure that none of her kids were getting scurvy and that was that.

One summer, we stayed at the very fancy Commander Hotel in Ocean City for our family vacation. We had to dress up for dinner, it was so fancy. At breakfast we had a choice of juices and I always chose the apricot nectar. It was thick and cold and delicious, almost like a fruit smoothie, as opposed to the thin orange juice with its evil lurking pulp. Plus, it seemed way more fancy than orange juice, and thus way more appropriate to drink at the fancy hotel. I mean, nectar. Versus juice? No contest.