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Raspberry Rose

Day 8 of Inkvent brings another Standard ink - Raspberry Rose!

Day 8: Raspberry Rose

This is such a pretty ink! It's a lovely dark pink, a rich burgundy, a deep red... all sorts of shades in one 12 ml bottle.

Speaking of roses, my Mom grew beautiful roses. Her favorite was the Peace Rose, but she also liked the dark red Mr. Lincoln rose, the pink roses, the yellow roses - all roses, really. Every year she got a rose catalog and poured over it like a kid with a Sears wishbook. She was very careful with her roses, enlisted us kids to pick off the Japanese beetles. We had beautiful bouquets perfuming the house throughout the summer.

The only plant my Mom liked better than roses were azaleas. The back of our large yard was full of azaleas, all spread out under the tall oaks. The bushes were huge - a lush green wall in the summer, to be sure, but in the spring, oh my! They were a dazzling spread of color, all them beautiful shades of red and pink, just like this ink.