Festive Joy

Pink Ice

It’s Day 21 of Inkvent - time for some Pink Ice! This pink is not as Pepto Bismol-y as Party Time, but it also has an abundance of Shimmer. 

It definitely has some orange ancestry, but it’s very pretty and shiny.

Day 20: Pink Ice

So, the last few days I've noticed a distinct musty smell in my bathroom. I thought it just the litterbox - the cats leave some pretty heinous loads in there. But the smell was more mildew-y than poop-y, so I sniffed around and pinpointed the source as the bathtub drain.


I asked Google and got a variety of answers, several of which included some form of baking soda and white vinegar. I brought the problem and the results of my diligent research to Joe. After all, he worked as a building engineer for years. He said, "I'll pour some bleach down the drain and flush it with hot water in a half hour. That should do it."

And it did! No more mildew smell, just the normal whiff of cat.

I don't need Google. I've got Joe.