Party Time

Peach Punch

Today’s ink is Peach Punch, a bright orange Standard ink.

Day 10: Peach Punch

The lighter shade is peach-ier, I think, but the vibrant orange is quite nice and legible. 

Speaking of peaches, I love them. They smell like summer and taste like joy. Well, unless they're mealy, and then they definitely do not taste like joy. They taste like disappointment.

When I was a clown, I used to juggle apples and eat one as I juggled. But I always thought it would be fun to juggle peaches because you could end up juggling the peach pit - much more aesthetically pleasing than juggling an apple core. I found two problems with this scheme. If I juggled a ripe peach that was easy to take bites out of, the juice went all over my face and costume and was a huge sticky mess. If I juggled an unripe peach, it was harder to take a good bite, and the bites I did get were awful and I couldn't chew and swallow them without gagging.

And who wants to see a gagging clown trying to juggle?

Don't answer that!