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I finally managed to get a reasonably decent picture of a Shimmer ink! This is Subzero, Day 18 of Inkvent. Day 18: Subzero But in case you can't see all that sparkle, here's a closeup. Sparkle Plenty! What a lovely turquoise! I have just the pen for it, too - the pen that really got me started on this obsession hobby - the Barbados, from Birmingham Pens. Crabby Shows Off the Barbados Or might that... Read more →


There’s always a place for a classic blue like Thunderbolt, today’s Standard Inkvent ink. Day 17: Thunderbolt This ink is a vibrant cobalt blue that takes me back to grade school, where we were required to use Sheaffer fountain pens with Sheaffer ink cartridges in blue or black. Speaking of blue, meet Marvin, my little blue teddy bear. He’s faded now, almost gray, but originally he was a beautiful sky blue. To be fair, Marvin... Read more →

Vintage Copper

Ah, a beautiful Shimmer ink for Day 16 of Inkvent: Vintage Copper! Day 16: Vintage Copper Is it Red Robin with glitter? Well, maybe, but oh, that shimmer sets it apart for sure. So Shimmery! Speaking of copper, my Mom owned a set a copper-bottom Revere Ware pots and pans. Every time she used one of the pieces, which was pretty much every single day, she polished the copper bottom until it glowed. Patina didn’t... Read more →

Night Shade

The shades of night are falling fast - at least for Day 15 of Inkvent, which brings us Night Shade. I find it rather soothing. Do you see it as blue or purple? I see it as a dusty blue, kind of a Williamsburg blue. Other Inkvent people have seen it as purple. A blue-ish purple, perhaps? Day 15: Night Shade Hmm. Night Shade - is it deadly? Well, it's pretty, anyway. Speaking of deadly... Read more →

Red Robin

Today’s Inkvent offering is Red Robin, a Standard ink that is kinda red, kinda orange, just like a robin’s red breast. Day 14: Red Robin Speaking of oranges, I drank a glass of orange juice every day for breakfast when I was a kid. Or rather, every day that I lived with my parents - my age didn't matter. Mom made sure that none of her kids were getting scurvy and that was that. One... Read more →

Ruby Blues

Check out the sheen on Ruby Blues, the ink for Day 13 of Inkvent. Day 13: Ruby Blues I love this one - the base blue is a very very nice blue, but that red sheen! What a nice surprise - although given the name of the ink and the fact that it's a Sheen ink, I should have suspected something. Speaking of blues, that's my favorite music genre. I love all kinds of blues:... Read more →


Stargazer is the Shimmer and Sheen ink for Day 12 of Inkvent. Day 12: Stargazer Pretty cool! The swatch started out as a deep navy blue, then it developed a dark red sheen and blue-ish shimmer. Before I got into pens and ink, I never realized that inks could do this sort of thing. Amazing. Anyway, speaking of stars, I took a course in college called Cosmic Evolution. It was kind of like Astronomy for... Read more →

Party Time

It’s Party Time at Inkvent! Check out this pretty pink Shimmer ink. Day 11: Party Time The shimmer here is subtle - either that or I didn’t shake the bottle enough. I can see it on this swatch if I tilt the card, but it doesn't really show up straight on. So I stuck a chromatography strip in the bottle. Ah, there’s that pretty blue shimmer! There's that shimmer! Speaking of pink, I hated the... Read more →

Peach Punch

Today’s ink is Peach Punch, a bright orange Standard ink. Day 10: Peach Punch The lighter shade is peach-ier, I think, but the vibrant orange is quite nice and legible. Speaking of peaches, I love them. They smell like summer and taste like joy. Well, unless they're mealy, and then they definitely do not taste like joy. They taste like disappointment. When I was a clown, I used to juggle apples and eat one as... Read more →


For Inkvent Day 9, we have Storm, a dark blue with silver shimmer. It's very shimmery indeed, but the shimmer doesn't really show up until the ink is dry. That's okay; I can wait. Day 9: Storm It's a nice contrast to Tempest (Day 4), which is more of a gray with gold shimmer. Speaking of storms, I love watching thunderstorms in the summer. My Pop and I used to stand on our back porch... Read more →