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Night Shade

The shades of night are falling fast - at least for Day 15 of Inkvent, which brings us Night Shade. I find it rather soothing. Do you see it as blue or purple? I see it as a dusty blue, kind of a Williamsburg blue. Other Inkvent people have seen it as purple. A blue-ish purple, perhaps?

Day 15: Night Shade

Hmm. Night Shade - is it deadly? Well, it's pretty, anyway. 

Speaking of deadly nightshade, did you know that deadly nightshade is also called Belladonna? It's also in the same plant family as the tomato. Maybe that's why tomatoes - also known as love apples - were thought to be poisonous.

My Pop grew the most delicious tomatoes every summer. We had them every night for dinner, sliced and salted. I loved them. I'd walk in the garden and grab a tomato off the vine and eat it right then and there, just like an - well, just like an apple. A big, ripe, juicy, love apple.