Holidailies Returns!


All righty! It's the second day of Inkvent, so here is today's ink: Garland!

Day 2: Garland

I really like this one! The main color is a lovely green teal, the sheen is a burgundy, and the shimmer is a nice bright blue. The shimmer doesn't show up so well, so take my word for it - it's quite glisten-y.

Today was "Hassle with the Company Travel Booking Procedure" day. I'm actually taking a business trip in a couple weeks for a team meeting in - wait for it - West Palm Beach, Florida! Now I am still a little hinky about travel during this pandemic, especially with Omicron rearing its ugly head, but I'm vaxxed to the max and totally into the masking. I purposely chose a window seat next to an empty middle seat; hopefully it will remain empty.

Anyway, I haven't used the booking tool for over two years, but the flight booking went just fine. However. The hotel booking did not - I'd get all the way to the "Processing" bit when the tool would shrug and say "No can do. Ask your travel rep for help." I tried several times with several selections of room type. Bah.

I ended up calling the Travel Company directly and booking my room through them, so all is well! And, you know, Florida. In December. I'll manage, somehow.

See you tomorrow!