Saturday 9: The Promise of a New Day

It's Been... a Year.

I've been thinking about this year all day, wondering what I'd focus on in this post, the last post of 2021 and this year's Holidailies.

There was deep sorrow. My sister Joanne died in February, my Clown College classmate Barbara died in May, our dear friend Vince died in August. I miss them all, so much.

There was disaster. The river flooded and submerged the neighborhood to the tune of 10 feet of water all around and in our apartment complex. We escaped having totaled cars by the skin of our teeth.

There was sneaky thievery. Someone got hold of our checking account number and created an e-check against our account for 30 bucks and change. Luckily I noticed it, reported it, and the bank replaced it. But geez, what a PITA it is to switch out a checking account!

But you know what?

There was decent health. I'm still in remission. I lost 20 pounds and kept the diabetes under control. I also started taking Boniva to stop the progression of osteopenia. We both got vaxed to the max and didn't get sick.

There was celebration! Joe and I went to Skytop Lodge in the Poconos for our 41st wedding anniversary. It was simply wonderful and we had a joyful, relaxing long private party.

There was fun! Virtual Weetacon, a family reunion at the beach, seeing David Sedaris, Thanksgiving with SonnyeBoy, and, of course, Christmas.

There were pens, and ink, and cats, and books, and hockey.

So yeah. It was a year. May next year have less sorrow and more celebrations, fewer disasters and more fun. May we see the manifestation of the undeviating justice and recognize the eternal splendor of the limitless light.