Tempest in an Inkpot
Winter Spice


It's Day 5 of Inkvent, a day of Harmony!

Harmony is a very pretty purple Standard ink with some deeper shading.

Day 5: Harmony

I'm going to be 70 in about six weeks. How'd that happen? Just the other day I was a young hippie chick skipping about in jeans. with no bra and my long hair in braids. Now I'm an old hippie hen walking unsteadily in jeans, with no bra and my long hair in braids.  Heh. I'm working on embracing this milestone. Sometimes I start wondering if what I'm wearing/doing/watching/listening to/doing-not doing to my hair is age appropriate, and then I decide that if I'm happy with all of it, then sure - it's age appropriate.

So I guess I'm in harmony with myself. Yeah? Yeah.