Pink Ice

Festive Joy

Festive Joy is a really rich purple ink for Day 19 of Inkvent. It’s a Standard ink, but it seems to have a touch of gold sheen.

Day 19: Festive Joy


I went to a team offsite this past week in West Palm Beach, Florida. I know! Florida in December, what a chore!

It’s the first time I’ve met my team all together in person. I quite liked it - it was a very good, collaborative meeting. I was able to show off the value of my documentation by using it throughout the meeting to answer questions. It was a reasonably subtle way of saying RTFM.

Even the Mandatory Fun was actually fun. We all went to a joint called Drive Shack - sort of a mashup of a driving range, bowling alley, and big-screen video game. Pretty cool, especially on a warm evening in Florida.

And! I had the great good fortune to meet up with one of my high school classmates for dinner! We had a blast catching up on we’ve been doing for the last 50 years. That was indeed some festive joy!

I was a tad nervous about this, but it was good. All’s well that ends well.