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Candle Light

It's Day 7 of Inkvent! Today's wee treasure is Candle Light, a Standard ink.

Day 7: Candle Light

It looks like it will be readable; I like that in an ink.

My late, dear friend Tommy made beautiful candles. They were very intricate landscapes with many layers that made up green valleys and snow-capped mountains, blue skies and yellow suns. Sometimes he had a full moon on one side and a bright sun on the other.

He used half-gallon size (or maybe gallon size) milk cartons as molds for the main candle and layered colored wax to build his scenes, one color on top of another, carefully tilting the cooling wax to form the scene. He formed the suns and moons by filling paper towel and toilet paper tubes with wax. He'd then tear away the cardboard and sink the waxen cylinder into the cooling landscape. Then he filled the rest of the carton with sky.

He made one for me once. I loved it, especially when the wick burned low enough to light up the sun from the inside out. It lasted a long time.

Rest well, Tommy. Your memory is a blessing.

With Tommy at the Golden Gate Bridge, 1993