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It's Been... a Year.

I've been thinking about this year all day, wondering what I'd focus on in this post, the last post of 2021 and this year's Holidailies. There was deep sorrow. My sister Joanne died in February, my Clown College classmate Barbara died in May, our dear friend Vince died in August. I miss them all, so much. There was disaster. The river flooded and submerged the neighborhood to the tune of 10 feet of water all... Read more →


Santa Claus was very very good to us this year! I got everything I wanted and some things that I didn’t even know I wanted. Here’s a sampling. This is the perfect planner for me. I’m reading this slowly to make it last, but it’s very hard to do. Here’s the piece de resistance - a Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen! All this loot (and more!) was great, but the wonderful part was spending time... Read more →

All of Inkvent

Well, I missed posting yesterday. Sigh. But I won Whamageddon! Yay! Anyway, here’s an Inkvent color wheel, with all 25 inky days spread out for your viewing pleasure. I don’t think there’s a dud in the bunch! Which ones do you like? The Inks of Inkvent I really enjoyed doing Inkvent! If Diamine offers it again next year, I'm definitely in. I'm looking forward to using these lovely inks, especially in my new Christmas present!... Read more →


Day 24! Yuletide! This Standard ink is a lovely teal-ish green with nice shading. Day 24: Yuletide And so we've made it to Christmas Eve. We're getting ready for a trip to Maryland, first to pick up SonnyeBoy and then to my sister's house (over the river and through the woods) for the annual Christmas Eve celebration. I'm so happy to be able to make this trip. All of us are vaxxed to the max,... Read more →

Black Ivy

Sheen!! Day 22 of Inkvent is Black Ivy, a deep green with a purple sheen. Day 22: Black Ivy It’s interesting to me how the paper can affect the look of the inks. I’ve been following a couple of YouTube pen enthusiasts who are posting videos on the Inkvent inks. Both show the Black Ivy base as more of a blue, but it sure looks green to me, so there you go. That purple sheen... Read more →


It's Day 21 of Inkvent! Today's ink is Wonderland. There's no wondering about this Standard ink - it's most definitely orange! The picture doesn't really show the full brightness of the orange-itude, so take my word for it. Day 21: Wonderland Speaking of orange, my favorite summer thirst quencher is an orange freeze; specifically, the Orange Freeze from the late, lamented Hot Shoppes. Oh my God, it was The. Best. It was kind of a... Read more →

Pink Ice

It’s Day 21 of Inkvent - time for some Pink Ice! This pink is not as Pepto Bismol-y as Party Time, but it also has an abundance of Shimmer. It definitely has some orange ancestry, but it’s very pretty and shiny. Day 20: Pink Ice So, the last few days I've noticed a distinct musty smell in my bathroom. I thought it just the litterbox - the cats leave some pretty heinous loads in there.... Read more →

Festive Joy

Festive Joy is a really rich purple ink for Day 19 of Inkvent. It’s a Standard ink, but it seems to have a touch of gold sheen. Day 19: Festive Joy Gorgeous! I went to a team offsite this past week in West Palm Beach, Florida. I know! Florida in December, what a chore! It’s the first time I’ve met my team all together in person. I quite liked it - it was a very... Read more →