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Looking at the Numbers

I have three doctors that I see on the regular. My primary care doctor, Dr. V, takes care of all of me and keeps track of all my ailments and makes sure I get all the stuff done that I need to get done, like vaccines (which work, by the way), mammograms, DEXA scans, and all that. I saw him in mid-August. My endocrinologist, Dr. R, minds my diabetes. I've been seeing her by telemedicine... Read more →

Every Day Is A Gift

Oh my friends, every day is a gift. Every gray hair, every wrinkle, every crow's foot is a gift. Joe and I traveled to DC on Thursday so that we could say good-bye to our dear friend Vince. Joe has known Vince since his freshman year of high school; I've known Vince since Joe and I started dating. He was a smartass, a gourmet Italian cook, and a brilliant filmmaker. He died in late August,... Read more →

Water Water Everywhere

One week ago, the remnants of Hurricane Ida came to Philadelphia. The downpour started in late afternoon and did not let up for hours. When we went to bed at 10:30, the parking lot lines were visible, so the river was behaving itself. One hour later, a car alarm woke us up. We moved to the other bedroom, but as soon as we snuggled under the covers, the building fire alarm went off. Fire? Really?... Read more →