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Ten June Things

Well, June got away from me, didn't it? So here are ten things about it, in no particular order, which is why I'm using a bulleted list as opposed to a numbered list:

  • We celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary with a glorious trip to Skytop Lodge in the Pocono Mountains. (I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook.) We ate, got massages, hiked, loafed, and swam. While we were wandering around exploring the main lodge, a staffer clued us in to the Observation Deck on the roof, and we immediately went there, even though the steps were steep and a little scary. It was worth it! Alas (not really), no champagne glass bathtubs at this resort!
  • On the fountain pen front, I only received one new pen! (Joe got a new pen, too.) I did get some new inks, including some from the Diamine Rock 'n' Roll collection: Communication Breakdown, Smoke on the Water, and Skull and Roses. I love the sheen.

  • I did a bunch of work creating Release Notes and updating online help for the new version of the product that I document. It's almost done, whew. 
  • I actually cleaned and reorganized the drawers in the master bathroom vanity. I threw out a bunch of old, expired meds, samples of beauty goo that I knew I'd never use, and free toothbrushes. Then I went through the hair do-dads. Now that my hair is a lot longer (thanks, Covid!), I'm actually using the hair do-dads, so it's nice to have them in order as opposed to having a big schmozz of Q-tips, bobby pins, bun makers, and hair ties.
  • We picked up and hung (hanged?) some art. One piece is an alcohol painting by the lovely and talented Wendy Weetabix. I adore it! The other is a beautiful Berkeley Breathed print. I bought the print a long time ago, and finally got it framed. It hangs over my desk. I love it so much.
    Sorry about that shadow of me, oh well.
  • We watched Olympic trials, Stanley Cup playoffs, and our daily dose of Adam-12 and the Addams Family. Jimmie Walker has replaced Joe Namath  as the Medicare spokesperson (new benefits are dyn-o-mite!), Pat Boone is hawking walk-in tubs, and Colonial Penn wants me to remember that 76-year guy who runs marathons. Sadly, not anymore! 
  • Speaking of long hair, I got into watching YouTube videos of hairstyles (Easy Bun Updo!). Oh, and clips from Downton Abbey and Say Yes to the Dress. I know, I know.
  • I went to the dentist for a regular cleaning appointment, and the dentist found a wee cavity. Got that filled and got the molds made for a new night guard. The dentist said my old one was "gnarley," so I figured I might as well replace it.
  • I also had my usual quarterly appointment with my endocrinologist. I'm doing quite well with the diabetes control, hallelujah!  
  • Car stuff - both cars got some minor repairs and annual inspections. 

So that was June, from the sublime to the mundane. Let's see if I can post more in July.