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Smiling Down

Yesterday was my Mom's 110th birthday; she left us 11 years ago. Yes, I miss her. She loved us all fiercely, but she wasn't above shooting zingers at us.

She graciously allowed SonnyeBoy to stay at her beach house when he started out on his law enforcement career as an Ocean City police cadet (aka Meter Man), but she had reservations about his choice of said career.

"He's way too smart to be a cop! He needs to go to law school and become an attorney!" was her frequent mantra. Not that she thought cops were dumb, not at all, even though that's how it sounded. I'd tease her about that and she'd reply, "That's not what I mean! You know what I mean!"

Yesterday SonnyeBoy accepted a new position as an Assistant State's Attorney for Dorchester County, Maryland. I think it's kinda cosmic that he did it on her birthday.

How about that, Mom? Somehow, I know that she knows. And I know that's she's smiling.

The Police Cadet and Mom, 2002