One Down, One to Go
A Cautionary Tale

Yes, I Have More Pens

Okay. Since I last wrote about my fountain pen addiction hobby, my collection has grown by five. Now, to be fair, one was a Christmas present from Joe, so I only actually bought four, except it all comes out of the same pot of money, so...

Well, let's not quibble. I have five new pens. In order of acquisition (and from left to right in the photo), they are:

  • Conklin Endura Abalone with rose gold trim (the Christmas present)
  • Birmingham Pen Company Model C Sphinx (first run, number 8 of 10)
  • Platinum 3776 Century in Chenonceaux White
  • Narwhal Schuylkill Porpita
  • Narwhal Peter Draws Peter Pen


The Conklin was a complete Christmas miracle! It is so beautiful that I could look at it all day. Joe picked it out - he has excellent taste, doesn't he? We like to look at pen catalogues together, and I must have gazed longingly at this pen and Joe noted same and boom. It writes beautifully - so smooth!

I jumped on the Sphinx almost as soon as I got the email announcement from Birmingham Pens. By the time I got to their site, this color was the only one of four left in stock. I really like supporting this teeny tiny company. It's very cool knowing who made my pen!

I honestly forget how I first came upon the Platinum - probably just browsing around fountain pen sites. What drew me in was the color - I mean, I've been to Chenonceaux, albeit when I was 15. Then, because Jeff Bezos knows all, it popped up in an Amazon Prime email, for a great price with the exact nib I'd been eyeing - a 14K gold, soft fine. I love it.

Moving on to the the Schuylkill Porpita. I saw this one on my favorite fountain pen review site, Figboot on Pens, where David gave it a good review. Narwhal is another small, independent pen company, and I love me some small, independent pen companies, especially when they make affordable pens. I already own an original Schuylkill model, so how could I not get the Porpita? I mean, it's like an order.

Finally, here's another Narwhal - the Peter Pen. This pen is the result of a collaboration between Narwhal Pens and Peter Draws, a very talented artist who has a YouTube channel where he, um, draws. I missed out on the first run, but then I got an email from Goldspot Pens about this model being back in stock, and I didn't even have to think. Peter Pen, jump in my pocket, please.

I've bought a bunch more ink - but that's a different topic altogether.