Yes, I Have More Pens

One Down, One to Go

Joe and I got our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today! I guess that's one advantage to being old farts. The second dose is scheduled for April 7; we'll be getting an email with instructions on booking a time.

This whole process has been an exercise in patience. Patience navigating the pre-registration site. Patience waiting for the magical email advising us that we could finally make an appointment. Patience navigating the appointment site. Patience standing in line and making our way through the various vaccine clinic checks and balances until we finally sat down in front of the nurse. Patience as we waited 15 minutes to see if we keeled over.

But we made it! 

I must give props to the county health department. The whole event was well organized, from the signage leading to the the clinic to the check-in process to the stick of the syringe. There was most definitely a line, but it moved steadily forward. As soon as we got in the door, a nice person took our temperature. Then, after moving forward a bit, another nice person checked our appointment invitation - complete with identifying token - and appointment confirmation. Then, a funny and nice person directed us to a sign-in station, where our IDs and health insurance cards were checked, and we received our official vaccination cards.


The funny and nice person directed us to one of the many shooting galleries, where we finally got our shots. The whole way was marked off in six-foot intervals, everyone was appropriately masked and shielded, hand sanitizer was everywhere, and we even got information on the CDC site to go to if we want to report side effects. (FYI:

Everyone was pleasant, which was quite wonderful, especially considering that they've been doing this for a couple of months and dealing with old farts, health care workers, teachers, and everyone else in Group 1A. I would have lost my shit by the end of the first week.

And now, we wait patiently for April.