The Leech Woman
My Big Sister

Hello Snow

Snow is pouring down, adding to the snow we got yesterday, falling on top of a layer of sleet. Oh, the joy of living on the rain/snow line! I am at the point in my life when I can gaze out of the window and enjoy the pretty scene without worrying about shoveling, shopping, or driving. Apartment living has its advantages, and having parking spots in the garage really has its advantages! It is worth every penny of the additional fee. The only thing that could make it more romantic would be roaring fire in a quaint fireplace.

It's supposed to snow all night and then fade away early early early in the morning. I'm sure all in-person school will be closed. I remember, back in the Olden Days, jumping out of bed to look out of the window to see if we might get a snow day. Then we ran downstairs to listen to the radio for the all-important announcement. Montgomery County schools are closed. Magic words! 

We had a pretty perfect sledding hill - the back driveway to our church, right next to the cemetery. We'd slick up the sled runners with wax paper, bundle up, and haul our sleds through the neighbor's back yard - which used to be my Gramma's back yard - and meet up with the other neighborhood kids at the top of the hill. Then we'd fly down the hill, past all the people in their final resting places under the new blanket of snow. Up the hill, down the hill, until we got sweaty and cold and tired.

If you were really brave, you'd take a hard right at the bottom of the hill and continue the ride down the street, past the apartments, and end up at the woods. It was risky because, after all, it was a street and you might encounter a car on the move. But we could see the cross street from the top of the hill and spot any approaching traffic, and anyway the street was full of snow and any cars were going pretty slow. I only did it once, though, and was terrified the whole time. My risk aversion started early.

Besides, it was a long walk back!