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Last night I attended a Zoom gathering of folks I used to work with many long years ago. I hadn't seen some of them in a zillion years. Some of them probably didn't know who I was. On the other hand, some of my good friends were there. We filled each other in on when we worked there and what we had done since and what we're doing now.

I also get together with my classmates from Clown College through Zoom. We've done that several times now and it's always great. Last time the party started with everyone sharing health woes - we kind of caught ourselves doing it and stopped. Instead, we went back to swapping Stories of the Road, which is much better.

On Thanksgiving, Joe and I visited with SonnyeBoy and his Ladyfriend over Zoom. If we couldn't be with each other in person, at least we could be with each other over the airwaves! It took a little of the sting out of the decision to isolate for the holiday. We even ate pie together!

Isn't it wonderful that this technology exists? And even more wonderful that it's being used to keep families together, reunite old friends, and make music and theater?

But I hate the reason we're using it.

Have you used Zoom or something similar? What do you think? Is it a pandemic panacea or a COVID curse?