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Writing with the Pens

So! The lovely and talented Heather asked for writing samples using the new pens. Okay then!

I've done the samples on 52 gsm Tomoe River paper, which is very thin, but strong, paper especially suited to fountain pen inks. It's showing up as brown-er than it really is - it's really very slightly off white.

Each sample has the same squiggles: a loopy, S-shape, some vertical lines, and a pound sign. Finally, each sample has the same sentence: Nevertheless, she persisted! (Now isn't that better than "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!"?)

The first image shows the writing samples from the following pens, in order from top to bottom:

  • Narwhal Schuylkill. This pen has a fine nib. The ink is Ice Rink, from Birmingham Pen Company.
  • Webson-Gill Prestige. The nib here is a fine/medium (according to the W-G site). The ink is Diamine Golden Ivy.
  • Birmingham Pen Company Mango Sorbet. It has a fine nib. The ink is a mashup of Birmingham Pen Company Marmalade and Fountain Pen Revolution Firecracker Red. The Marmalade is a very light yellow, but a bit of the red made it much a more readable orange.
  • Ferris Wheel Press Brush Pen, Violette. I threw caution to the wind and got a medium nib. The ink is Ferris Wheel Press Double Raspberry.


The second image shows the writing samples from the following pens, in order from top to bottom:

  • Scrikss Mint Green. Another medium nib, because that was the only choice. The ink is Birmingham Pen Company Twilight.
  • Aurora Duo Cart. Back to a fine nib on this one. The ink is Aurora blue, in a proprietary cartridge.
  • Fountain Pen Revolution Himalaya V2 in Jade Smoke. This one has an Omniflex nib, which produces line variations when you apply pressure to it. So, no pressure, thin line; pressure, thicker line. The image says that the ink is Levenger Empyrean, but that's wrong. When I saw the sheen, I realized that it's actually Diamine Jack Frost. The image actually clued me in.


So there you go! Writing samples, just for you!