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Sunday Stealing: For Those Who Celebrate Christmas


Today I accomplished my primary goal: I got my holiday cards done for the yearly card exchange that I participate in! I rather doubt that they'll get to their destinations before Christmas, given the current Post Office delays. Normally delays don't bother me too much, but I'm irritated this time because my diabetes supplies are held up. I actually used up my regular lancets, so I had to go to my backup lancets and stickening device. That's not so bad, but now I'm running low on diagnostic strips. I can't use my old ones because they've expired and are therefore unreliable.


Well, anyway, here's Sunday Stealing for today.

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? Seeing my family, especially since we moved away from Maryland. This year, of course, is different.

Do you send out Christmas cards and if so how many do you send? It depends on whether I get in on the yearly holiday card exchange. If so, at least 20. If not, probably fewer than five.

Be honest: holiday newsletters. Love ‘em or hate ‘em? I have to admit that I love them! I used to have one that my Gramma's cousin sent us back in the late 70s. It was the most depressing, and yet hilarious, Christmas letter ever. I wish I still had it, but it disappeared somewhere over the years.

Be honest: photo cards. Love ‘em or hate ‘em? I love them! One of my Pop's clients always sent a photo card every year - this was way back in the 50s and 60s, mind you - and every year there was another kid in the photo. This went on for seven or eight kids, as I recall.

How soon do you start shopping? Sometime in November, generally as soon as I have an idea for what to get.

Real or fake tree? For years and years, real. Three years ago, we switched to fake and it's great! Way less work, way less stressful, and way less expensive.

When do you put up your tree? Now that the whole tree thing is easy, early-ish in December.

When do you take down your tree? Before our birthdays in January.

Describe your typical tree (size, decorations, type). Our tree now is perfectly conical, slender and about five feet tall. It's really just right the size for our apartment.

What do you top your tree with? We used to have a big old star that always drooped like a drunk at closing time. This year we gave the top of the tree to Ovi hoisting the Stanley Cup. It's great!

Do you put Christmas lights outside your house? Yes! Joe is charge of the balcony lights and they are always lovely.

Is there a wreath hanging on your door? Yes! It's real, and it has jingle bells on it!

Do you hang up stockings? Only if I remember to dig them out and fill them up, and only for SonnyeBoy and Joe.

Your favorite Christmas Movie(s). A Christmas Story.

Be honest: A Christmas movie you hate. I can't really think of a Christmas movie that I actually hate. Honest.

Favorite Christmas Song(s). I love all of the traditional carols. If I have to pick one, I'll go with O Come, All Ye Faithful.

Be honest: If I hear this/these Christmas songs again I will throw up. The novelty songs, like Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer or Dominic the Donkey are very irritating indeed.

Give or Receive? Both!

Eggnog or Mulled Cider? Eggnog with a bit of rum or bourbon.

Ham or Turkey? Turkey!