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Today's accomplishment was... not much, actually. I hung up the Christmas cards that we've received, made lunch (French toast, yum), and then I... played a lot of Candy Crush. I also worked on the New York Times Super Mega crossword puzzle. I finished one quadrant and I'm about two-thirds through the second. Once my eyes start to cross, it's time to quit.

I had a telemedicine appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday. Normally she texts me a link that enables an audio/video link on my phone, kind of a secure Facetime deal. Unfortunately, the audio on her side was terrible, so we had to switch to phone call. Anyway, we discussed my progress.

A little history: In February of this year, my blood sugar was regularly over 300 and my A1C, which is a measure of the three-month average of blood sugar) was 10. This was Not Good.

My most recent blood tests showed a blood glucose level of 101 and an A1C of 5.8. These are pre-diabetes numbers, so yay me. But then the doctor told me that 5.8 could actually be too low, imagine that! So, to avoid hypoglycemia, the doc took me off one of the meds that can cause hypoglycemia.

Fine by me!