The Leech Woman

Almost There...

Well, friends, I seem to have flamed out on Holidailies, alas! I did okay for most of the month, then my vacation started and I proceeded to take vacation from almost everything except actual Christmas!

And actual Christmas was completely delightful. SonnyeBoy came up on Christmas Eve and stayed until Sunday. He's had two negative tests; Joe's had one. I never go out except to doctors' appointments or for rides. So - yeah. Our bubble increased by one, and it was wonderful.

We ordered our dinner from Founding Farmers. Prime rib, rolls, chopped salad - all delicious. I also made mashed potatoes for the men and a pumpkin pie for dessert. Best Christmas dinner ever!

And gifts! So many amazing gifts!

Then this week rolled around. I succumbed to doing a lot of nothing - well, I did play with my new glass pen set and set up my gorgeous leather desk pad and put my new phone case on my phone.  Oh! I also had a DEXA scan and a mammogram.

Now it is New Year's Eve, and we are determined to greet the new year. The champagne is chilling and the black-eyed peas are soaking and we (okay, Joe) just finished watching Dr. Who (second doctor, Patrick Troughton).

So as we wait for the start of 2021, I leave you with the best gifts of all, modeled by Joe and SonnyeBoy.