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Snow Kidding

Storm Comin'

Winter Storm Gail is coming to town.


Image from weather.com.

It could dump a foot of snow on us or it could spit ice all over the place or it might simply pour rain. Who the hell knows?

That's the trouble with living on the line - a tiny shift in the storm's path is the difference between deep snow and soaking rain. So far, it looks like Philly proper is in for some snow, some sleet, and some freezing rain. Way to commit, Philadelphia! We live around 20 miles northwest of Philly, which puts us smack dab in the "probably a decent load of snow but probably also some sleet" zone. The most current forecast from weather.com says we could get 12" to 18" of snow. It's supposed to start tomorrow afternoon and end on Thursday morning.

Okay then!