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Almost There...

Well, friends, I seem to have flamed out on Holidailies, alas! I did okay for most of the month, then my vacation started and I proceeded to take vacation from almost everything except actual Christmas! And actual Christmas was completely delightful. SonnyeBoy came up on Christmas Eve and stayed until Sunday. He's had two negative tests; Joe's had one. I never go out except to doctors' appointments or for rides. So - yeah. Our bubble... Read more →


Today's accomplishment was... not much, actually. I hung up the Christmas cards that we've received, made lunch (French toast, yum), and then I... played a lot of Candy Crush. I also worked on the New York Times Super Mega crossword puzzle. I finished one quadrant and I'm about two-thirds through the second. Once my eyes start to cross, it's time to quit. I had a telemedicine appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday. Normally she texts me... Read more →

Gift Wrap

Today's accomplishment was the wrapping of the presents! I was going to do it yesterday, but the day got all the way away from me. That happens to me a lot when I'm on vacation. I make a lot of grandiose plans and then, before I know it, it's lunchtime. About five minutes after that, it's 4:45 and time for the end of Wagon Train. We only watch the end, which usually involves Jesus in... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: For Those Who Celebrate Christmas

Today I accomplished my primary goal: I got my holiday cards done for the yearly card exchange that I participate in! I rather doubt that they'll get to their destinations before Christmas, given the current Post Office delays. Normally delays don't bother me too much, but I'm irritated this time because my diabetes supplies are held up. I actually used up my regular lancets, so I had to go to my backup lancets and stickening... Read more →

From Me to Me

About a month ago, I saw a review of the TWSBI Vac 700R Iris and oh geez, I was smitten. The reviewer, David Parker (aka figboot) mentioned that many retailers were already sold out - oh no! Sure enough, every one of the usual suspects listed it as out of stock. I kept checking, but alas! Then I thought to check the actual TWSBI website and hallelujah! Take my money! Give me a fine ni... Read more →

Home for Christmas

On October 21, 1945, my Pop sent this missive to my Mom. He was on board the SS Trevilian, a tanker ship anchored off the Philippines. I imagine it was the best early Christmas present she ever got! The form letter, in all caps, reads: Please do not mail Xmas parcels to me at this address. I expect to be on my way home before Christmas and hope to enjoy the holidays there. If plans... Read more →

Snow Kidding

It arrived right on time. It snowed all afternoon. Then it let up. Then it sleeted. Now it’s 9:30 and it’s snowing again! But like the Postal Service before Louis DeJoy, neither rain nor snow keeps Santa and Rudolph from swiftly completing their appointed rounds. See you soon, Santa! Read more →

Storm Comin'

Winter Storm Gail is coming to town. Image from It could dump a foot of snow on us or it could spit ice all over the place or it might simply pour rain. Who the hell knows? That's the trouble with living on the line - a tiny shift in the storm's path is the difference between deep snow and soaking rain. So far, it looks like Philly proper is in for some snow,... Read more →

Writing with the Pens

So! The lovely and talented Heather asked for writing samples using the new pens. Okay then! I've done the samples on 52 gsm Tomoe River paper, which is very thin, but strong, paper especially suited to fountain pen inks. It's showing up as brown-er than it really is - it's really very slightly off white. Each sample has the same squiggles: a loopy, S-shape, some vertical lines, and a pound sign. Finally, each sample has... Read more →