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Pens in My Pocket

My lovely and talented friends Wendy and Melissa apparently think I should write pen reviews. Okay then! When I was first dipping my toe into the fountain pen pool, I watched (all right, I still watch) fountain pen reviews on YouTube. I bought several pens based on reviews; in fact, I bought all three of the following pens based on reviews. Most of the time, these reviews are Very Serious. I am not Very Serious.... Read more →


I know it's been awhile, and I hate to return with this cautionary tale, but that's what's happening. I balance my checkbook every month, right down to the penny. I was almost done this month when I noticed a weird check on my statement for $34.31. It was numbered way out of sequence. I looked at the check image and was even more confused. It was an e-check, one of those deals where you authorize... Read more →