Saturday 9: Beautiful People
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At Last, Restaurant!

Well, the storm has passed - this one, anyway. More are forecast over the next couple days, but this one was a doozy! Thunder and lightning (very, very frightening), wind and heavy rain, and - of course - hail the size of garbanzo beans. We already got an email from the property management firm advising folks to move their cars from the riverside parking lot in case of flooding.

But that's not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about our fabulous adventure yesterday!

The last time we ate in a restaurant was March 12. We've gotten takeout with curbside, no-contact pickup and we've had food delivered. While delicious, it's not anywhere close to eating in an actual restaurant with actual service.

Now that dining in has been approved in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, we gathered ourselves together and decided to see what was up. Most of the places in our immediate area have created outdoor dining spaces, but damn! It was 90 degrees outside yesterday. So we made our reservation for an inside table at Founding Farmers, one of our favorite places. We also decided that if we felt at all at risk based on how the restaurant handled precautions and protocols, we'd leave.

We need not have worried. All staff members were properly masked and diners were required to wear masks unless eating or drinking. The seats in the waiting area were far apart. We were seated in a booth - but there were plexiglass dividers between all of the booths. The tables were thoroughly sanitized after each party. Even the bar had rolling plexiglass dividers so that folks could isolate themselves.

Oh, it was so good. So, so good. The food was delicious. The service was stellar. The check had a QR code, so we could pay through an app! We tipped very well - the servers deserve it.

This was our belated 40th anniversary meal. We're not going to eat out again anytime soon, but we sure are grateful we could do it safely yesterday. And believe me, we won't take it for granted, either.