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No Wonder I Like Outlander

Several years ago I took Ancestry.com up on their two-week free trial and found out some really interesting details about my family tree. I quit after the free trial, but I occasionally get emails talking about "hints" on my ancestry.

I got one yesterday - a hint about my great-great-grandfather, Barney Whitney. It was a record of his service in the Union Army during the Civil War. Well, that was too delicious to pass up, so I clicked.

What a tease! Ancestry wouldn't show me the hint unless I signed up for a membership. I could do another two-week trial, which would satisfy my curiosity, but I caved anyway and got the most basic membership. 

Wow. Ancestry is an amazingly interesting rabbit hole. Barney did indeed serve during the Civil War, as a private in the Illinois cavalry, stationed at Fort Butler.  Before and after his military service, Barney was a tailor. Okay then!

That's all the information I could dig up so far, but Ancestry had more surprises for me. Barney's father and mother were James Whitney and Hannah Bruce Whitney. One of hints had a clipping about a Whitney family reunion held on September 5, 1914. Two of the attendees were Mrs. C.F. Whitney and her granddaughter Ruth.

Boom. Mrs. C.F. Whitney is my great-grandmother; Ruth is my aunt. Aunt Ruth was all of six years old when she went with her gramma to this reunion. So that's cool! But get this bit:

Illinois State Register Saturday September 5, 1914

Whitney Reunion...

... a reunion of the descendents of James and Hannah (Bruce) Whitney...

... at Washington park...

... direct line of descent from Robert Bruce of Scotland...

Did you get that last line?

So... if Hannah is my great-great-great grandmother, then...

Holy cow!


Another reason to buy a crown.