No Wonder I Like Outlander
Saturday 9: Beautiful People

In the Beginning

Today is our Ruby wedding anniversary - 40 whole years!

How did we get here?

Well, our first date was in August, 1979, at a pizza joint on Capitol Hill in DC. More dates followed quickly. Early in the fall, I invited Joe to accompany me on a canoe trip down the Mullica River in New Jersey. This event was hosted by one of the programmers where I worked; many of my fellow employees attended. It was a whole weekend deal - drive up to the host's vacation home on Friday evening, canoe halfway on Saturday, camp, then finish up and go home on Sunday.

It seemed like it would a fun weekend, so off we went!

The weather was decent on Saturday and we set off down the river. Joe and I took a little side trip down an offshoot of the river and found a cute little area that seemed just perfect for a little skinny dipping. We didn't realize that it was right next to a road. So there we were, enjoying a swim in waist-deep water, when we heard a car coming. I promptly squatted down to cover up my busty substances. Imagine that scene - Joe standing up water up to his waist and me appearing to stand right next to him, in water up to my neck. Yeah. The car passed us by and we escaped notice.

Anyway! The night's camping was fine and we started off on the final leg of the trip.

Then the weather turned on us. It started raining hard and the wind got blustery. At this point the river, being close to the shore, was tidal. And the tide was going against us. And the wind was blowing right in our faces. And the rain was pelting us right in our faces. It was not exactly a lovely day and a gentle paddle down the scenic river; rather, we had to paddle as hard as we could to make any progress at all! But we made it, soaked to the skin, shivering in the chilly air, and thoroughly wiped out.

I thought to myself, "If he asks me out again after this, I'll know it's real."

And he did, and it was!