No Wonder I Like Outlander

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom was born 109 years ago today. Happy birthday to you, Mom!


I love this picture of her. This was taken on Christmas Eve, probably right around the turn of the century, so she was very close to 90 years old. Check out that Bloody Mary she was drinking! She was very particular about her Bloody Marys - there was always a bottle of vodka under the sink and a bottle of Clamato in the fridge. She didn't care for vegetables in her drink; well, maybe a celery stalk. But she would have laughed and nibbled on the additions to some of the creations I've seen.

"I never heard of such a thing!" was her favorite response to new and different things, but if she was feeling left behind, she'd say "My world is gone!" I once asked her what era she considered to be "her world," and she said "Oh, during World War II!" I pointed out that I was born in 1952, so... And she said "You know what I mean!"

She used Ponds Cold Cream on her face and Aqua Net on her hair and used a touch of lipstick for blusher. She got her ears pierced in her 50s and adopted pantsuits immediately. She had a leopard skin pill-box hat!

She fought aging like crazy. When we toured a senior living facility, she refused to think about moving there because it was full of old people. (She was 95 at the time.) She didn't use a cane, let alone a walker, until she had no choice. She and my Aunt Ruth exchanged the same birthday card for years! Aunt Ruth's birthday was in early July, so Mom only had to keep the card for a month before she sent it back. Poor Ruth!

I have no idea what her natural hair color was. She once went platinum in the late 60s, but settled on a light brown shortly after that and kept that color pretty much until she died. She went to the podiatrist to get her toenails clipped, but then she found out that a pedicure would take care of that and provide a nice polish!

She loved the beach. I think that was her happy place. She'd sit on the beach all day long and soak up the sun, but she only went in the water up to her ankles.

She was good decorator, flower arranger, and gardener. She was a killer bridge player, too! She hosted bridge parties and even earned master points playing in competitions. And man, she made the best fried chicken, standing rib roast, and chocolate chip cookies.

She's been gone a little over 10 years. I miss her.