Sunday Stealing: Ty and Logan

So that last post was a little heavy, eh?

Thank you all for your love, your hugs, and your understanding.

Now, let's head on over to Sunday Stealing for something a little lighter.

  1. Where did your name come from?
    My father suggested "Mary" because every Catholic family needed a "Mary." My mother chose my middle name, Ramon, after the priest who converted her to Catholicism.
  2. Where were you born?
    Takoma Park, Maryland.
  3. What was your house like, growing up?
    It was a two-story, white house with dark green shutters. The front door opened to a center hall, with the dining room and kitchen to the left and the living room to the right. Over the years my parent finished the attic and basement, and turned the screen porch off the living room into a large living space for my grandmother.
  4. What was your childhood bedroom like?
    It was pink and I shared it with my sister. Later, I had my own room, which was blue.
  5. Did you travel as a child? Where?
    Yes, but not all that far. We went to Ocean City, Maryland, every summer, and we took a Labor Day weekend trip every fall, usually to the countryside. We went to Luray Caverns, Monticello, Williamsburg, Gettysburg, among other places. Our biggest trips were a train trip to Philadelphia when I was 9-ish, and to Atlantic City when I was 11 (I think).
  6. Write about your grandparents.
    Both grandfathers and my paternal grandmother died before I was born, but I grew up with my maternal Gramma. She was a tea-totaling Methodist, a good organist and pianist, and a very good seamstress. She loved cross-stitch and jigsaw puzzles, and we played endless games of 500 Rummy. She was a good baker - her pumpkin pie recipe is the best in the world. She also told me that "Sex isn't all it's cracked up to be." Hah!
  7. Who taught you how to drive?
    I took Driver's Education, but my Pop was my real driving teacher.
  8. When did you first leave home?
    I suppose when I moved into the dorm at the University of Maryland.
  9. What did your parents do for work?
    Mom was a housewife; Pop was an attorney.
  10. Who inspired you as you matured?
    Probably my dear departed friend Brian.
  11. What was the best part of your 20s?
    Clowning, meeting and marrying Joe, and having SonnyeBoy.
  12. What was the best part of your 30s?
    Finding and growing my career in technical communication.
  13. Where is the most fascinating place you've visited?
    Newgrange, the 5000-year old passage tomb in Ireland's Ancient East.
  14. What is your favorite family story?
    When my Mom and Pop were dating during Prohibition, they were driving home with another couple from a weekend trip. Pop was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and having a high old time when a police car pulled them over. Pop hollered at their friend, "George, throw the gin out the window!" Well, George was a little groggy from being woken up from a nap, so he grabbed the bottle, wound the window UP, and threw the bottle out the closed window as hard as he could, breaking the window and scattering glass and gin all over the side of the road. Pop was certain that he was going to jail. The cop came up to the driver's side and said, "Sir, I stopped you because you have a burned out tail light. You need to get that fixed right away."
  15. What was your most memorable birthday?
    My 21st. I had a party in my dorm room and it was great! There was plenty of weed and Boone's Farm wine, all my friends and rock and roll.
  16. What was your favorite food as a child?
    My Mom's standing rib roast with onions and tomatoes, and hot fudge sundaes with her hot fudge sauce.

There! That's better, yeah?