Sunday Stealing: Ty and Logan
Happy Birthday Mom


Here is my collection of stuffed creatures - or most of them anyway. I actually cleaned them yesterday! One of the cats had been curling up of them and napping, leaving copious amounts of fur to mix with the regular dust. I tend to not see these things, but Joe asked me kindly to see to their upkeep, so I did.


Would you like to know who's who? Of course you would.

Top row:

  • Snowman
  • Coco the Bear, the mascot of the Hershey Bears hockey team (I really miss hockey!)
  • Three Grateful Dead bears - Daydream, Peggy-O, and Jerry
  • Eh Bear, from Canada
  • Kermit the Frog

Second row:

  • Baby Bear
  • Gilbert*
  • Virgil*
  • Brownie Bear

Third row:

  • Slapshot, the mascot of the Washington Capitals hockey team (Oh, how I miss hockey!)
  • Gus*
  • Donkey - the oldest of the group; I've had him ever since I can remember
  • Preston*

Fourth row:

  • Katrina*
  • Marvin Bear - the second oldest of the group; I got him when I was four and I distinctly remember picking him out
  • Benny*
  • U-Del Bear

The starred toys are from Pink Cheeks Studios, handmade by Nichol Brinkman. I bought them years ago, but her shop is going strong. I just gave Mrs. Elephant a home!