Quarantine Meme
Grocery Hellscape

News from Plague Acres

Hi! How's it going? Are you staying well? Wearing your mask when you venture outside? Keeping six feet away from everyone else?

I continue to work from home. The new monitor is just dandy, although I'm using my elderly Apple keyboard with it so that I can keep the laptop to the side. It works fine, except that I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del on the laptop because the Apple keyboard doesn't have a proper Del key. Anyway, it was a good purchase, especially since it looks like I may be working from home until the end of May, at least.

We had a lovely Easter dinner, just the two of us, with a take-out, no-contact curbside pickup feast from our local Founding Farmers. We had Beer Can Roasted Chicken, Farmer's Salad, Buttermilk Biscuits, and an assortment of delicious cookies, including shortbread, Snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and macaroons.  The instructions told us to heat up the chicken for 15 minutes at 375 degrees, so we did, only to find out that the bird was, in a word, raw. So back into the oven it went, for another 45 minutes, at which point it was done to a turn and absolutely fabulous. So no harm, no foul (or maybe fowl) and I didn't think any more about it. On Monday I got an email from the catering manager, saying that they'd made a mistake in the instructions for cooking the chicken! They refunded the price of the Beer Can Roasted Chicken and would send us a $30 gift card as well. Impressive!! Thanks, Founding Farmers!

Of course, the events we had tickets for were canceled, but two of the three have been rescheduled - David Sedaris for October and Rock the Organ for January. But one cannot be rescheduled, and it makes me utterly sad.


The world has lost so many amazing artists to this disease, but John Prine was special to me.  I hope he gets a good long rest before sending his energy back around the wheel.

Anyway. We are coping reasonably well, I think. I keep up the same daily habits as before the plague. Well, I admit I've relaxed a bit. It's self care! I let myself sleep a half-hour later than when I go to the office, I ditched my bra, and I wear my slippers instead of shoes; otherwise, I have the same routine. It enables me to keep track of the days of the week! We support our local businesses - Tavern at Valley Forge, Bald Birds Brewing, and Zwahlen's ice cream, to be specific. The Tavern has great pizza and cheesesteaks, Bald Birds has a Buzz Bundle that consists of a four-pack of craft beer and a pound of coffee beans from the roastery down the block, and Zwahlen's has incredible ice cream and other sinful treats.

Joe is my hero - he braves the grocery store and other errands requiring the donning of masks and interaction with other people. And it IS brave, my friends, there is no doubt about that, regardless of the fools crying "liberate" cities and states and the terrible people saying that dead people are a small price to pay for the economy. Okay then - you'd sacrifice your life for the economy. Go right ahead and bless your heart. Dead children are an okay tradeoff for open schools? Your kids first, asshole.

I'm inside for the duration. I hope you are too.