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What I'm Watching, The Sequel

I know I just recently wrote about what I'm watching, but it's already time for an update!

I finished up Mrs. Maisel (until the next season - they can't leave her on the tarmac, can they?) and Orange Is The New Black (quite amazing) and Fleabag (really good; and it had Ned Gowan as Fleabag's dad!).

So what now? New shows and old shows, funny shows and dramatic shows, science fiction and horror.


The Outsider. HBO. This is a very good, terribly creepy miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. I watch this on Mondays, during lunch, on my phone. (The small screen makes it easier to take, for some reason.) Cynthia Orivo is excellent as Holly Gibney. Only two episodes remain and I am worried about the characters. 

Call the Midwife. Netflix. I watched the first few seasons pretty religiously, then lost track. This is my Tuesday through Friday lunchtime show. I'm enjoying catching up with it and seeing episodes that I missed. 

Black Sails. Hulu/Starz. I've already seen the entire series once, but then the lovely and talented Heather suggested that a group of us watch it together, so here I am again! We watch it on Sunday nights; most of the gals watch on Hulu, but I watch on Starz, because I don't have Hulu, which is kind of a miracle, given the wild abandon with which I sign up for streaming services. I enjoy how the show mixes actual historical characters with actual fictional characters - it's sort of a prequel to Treasure Island. I never knew Long John Silver was so handsome! And the abs on Charles Vane are to die for, which, come to think of it, he did. We are now on the last season and hurtling toward the end.

Star Trek: Picard. CBS All Access. Joe and I watch this one together. I like it so far, especially the Rios character and the reappearance of Seven of Nine. I admit that I had to read up on Romulan culture and clear up some plot points. The only bummer is the sound recording - it sucks.  I kind of hate paying for another streaming service to watch one damn show, but - it's Picard!

And last but not least...

Outlander. Starz. Finally! Season 5! Only two episodes in and I'm quite loving it. I really think they've done a good job of adapting the books, but I fear for Murtagh.