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What I'm Watching, The Sequel

I know I just recently wrote about what I'm watching, but it's already time for an update! I finished up Mrs. Maisel (until the next season - they can't leave her on the tarmac, can they?) and Orange Is The New Black (quite amazing) and Fleabag (really good; and it had Ned Gowan as Fleabag's dad!). So what now? New shows and old shows, funny shows and dramatic shows, science fiction and horror. Specifically: The... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Getting to Know You

Well, it's almost the end of February and once again I have been slacking on the blogging. So here's this week's Sunday Stealing - let's hope it gets me back into the swing of things! 1. What is your favorite color? Purple. No, wait! Blue. No, wait! I rock the Red. Blue and Red make Purple, so we've come full circle. 2. If you could get on a plane tomorrow and travel anywhere, where would... Read more →