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Ten Things about January

Well! I suppose NaNoWriMo and Holidailies fried my writing circuits for January. I did post on New Year's Day - a photo of a print by Berkeley Breathed - and now it's January 31st. February looms, so I feel I must gird my grid and post something about my birth month. Here goes.

  1. Yes, January is my birth month - the 18th, to be exact. I'm 68, oh boy! Did you know that the Number 1 movie on January 18, 1952 was The Greatest Show on Earth? Yep!
  2. Coincidentally, January is also Joe's birth month - the 21st, to be exact. He's getting his birthday present today. It's this:
    Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 Limited Violet 3xLP Edition
    It's three LPs pressed in "vibrating violet." Good thing we still have a turntable!
  3. Speaking of presents, Joe gave me a lovely gray pearl bracelet and a lovely silver cuff. He knows me too well!
  4. On the health front, I had several blood tests to check my insulin levels. They are on the lower side of normal, so my doctor is starting me on a low-dose, long-acting insulin. It's an injection that I'll take every evening. I'm hopeful that this will bring down my A1C levels at last.
  5. My latest project is finally coming together. Why is it that every time I think I've nailed it down, I always find something that's screwy?
  6. I almost lost my garnet star ring! We were eating lunch at a nice restaurant, and it was chilly, and I was warming up my hands under the table. The ring flew off my pinky finger. I didn't notice at first. We looked all around, even using the phone flashlight to search under the table. Well, the ring had landed in my boot! I found it when I went to the restroom and pulled up my sock. Whew!
  7. The weather has been topsy-turvy this month. One day there were snow squalls so severe that you couldn't see! A few days were very cold; other days were in the 60s! It snowed almost all day on my birthday, but nothing stuck. We've had heavy rains (but no flooding).
    Snowy Birthday
  8. I made a chocolate angel pie! My mother used to make this pie when she wanted to impress her bridge club. I searched for recipes online and chose the one that sounded most like what she made. Happily, it was the simplest too! The crust is egg whites and chopped pecans; the filling is whipped cream and German sweet chocolate. It was pretty damn heavenly, even after a few days.
    Just Like Mom Used to Make
  9. I have begun the 5,650,712th edit of The Sequel. I make no promises, but one day I will stop this nonsense and either burn it or do something else.
  10. I took an e-course at the beginning of the month - CREATE 2020 led by Karen Walrond. I was afraid it would turn out to be aspirational claptrap, but it was very good, dare I say practical as well as inspirational? It was 15 days long and had three parts: Reflect, Dream, and Do. I even created a vision board and chose a word for the year, and none of it seemed contrived or silly. It was an inexpensive way for me to get my act together for the year.

Come on February. Hit me with your best shot.