Saturday 9: Cold as Ice



What a wonderful whirlwind it was!

Christmas, that is.

Christmas Eve was a flurry of activity that ended with a grand party at my sister's house. It started early - I had to get some bloodwork done, get a couple of last minute gifts, and pick up our Christmas dinner from the fabulous Founding Farmer's. Then I had to rearrange the fridge and stow the dinner, throw stuff in a bag, and check on our Lyft to the train station.

The Lyft was perfect; in fact, the driver had a 2017 silver Kia Sportage - the same car as Joe! - and she was chatty and fun. Naturally, the ride was quick and painless, so we whiled away a couple of hours at 30th Street Station. Luckily, there's a pub in the station!

This year we got fancy and rode the Acela to Baltimore. It was a lovely ride - we watched the sun set as we flew down the tracks, across the Susquehanna River and on into Penn Station. Sonnyeboy picked us up and we headed on down to my sister's house for a grand Christmas Eve dinner and party. The little kids (ages 8, 6, and 4 - I think) were rambunctious and jolly, and the dinner was amazing. We had a wonderful time, and then cruised on back to Baltimore and spent the night with Sonnyeboy.

On Christmas Day Sonnyeboy drove us back home, where the three of us opened presents and had that Christmas dinner. It was perfect, too. We opted for the prime rib as an entree - oh my yum! Everything was delicious and we stuffed ourselves.

This morning Sonnyeboy left early to pick up his lady friend at the airport. There were many hugs given and received.

It feels like it went by in a flash!

I feel so lucky and blessed to have a family that has fun together. We joke and laugh and tell big lies and reminisce about our shared pasts and eat. It's a Christmas miracle!

Today was pretty laid back. We put things away. We relaxed. We went out for lunch and gelato and coffee, and then came home. Joe took a nap. Tomorrow, I suspect, will be similar!